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The accuracy of the financial statements is one of the most important information for the Director or Shareholder to decide the future of the Company. That is why we feel that our people can help the Company to prepare the financial statements on monthly basis. We believe that our result may help you to archieve the Company's goal.

When the Company already has its accounting team, we offer the financial review of your financial statements to ensure that your financial statements are accurate and comply with the Statements of Financial Accounting Standard in Indonesia. This service will help the Company to minimize the error before the financial statements is being published to public.

Individual Tax
One of our strong point is we also concern about the individual tax. Recently, our society still have limited information regarding the Tax Regulation in Indonesia; therefore they need professional help from compentent people to provide the monthly installment tax and to fill the annual tax report.

Corporate Tax
We believe that successful tax function can be archieved when we have a strong foundation and tax planning to keep the business achieve its growth potential. You need tax strategies aligned to keep your Company in the right track in the tax policy. We think we can advise on planning, compliance, reporting and maintaining good relationships with the tax authorities.

The accounting system in Indonesia for medium company is established by traditional system; in our opinion, in the openess era, the Company should create its accounting system in professional way in order to face with competetive market and people. All the operation in the accounting system should be in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures. Our service is including this service and we will try to help the Company to create or to fix its standard operationg procedures.

Another services in our firm are included as follows:
  • Secretarial and legal services for small and medium company
  • Dealer for certain accounting software, such as Accurate Accounting System, etc
  • Inhouse training for tax and accounting issues

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